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Nothing is static. Change is a nature of everthing and we're all subject to change. Yes! we're closed. Thank you all on behalf of adatapost computer centre.

Hello everybody and I hope you all are doing great by keeping safe distance and wearing masks on public places. Yes I know it is very difficult to block the face unwillingly especially in the era of selfie. We’ve been caught in pandemic since January 2020 and today is 14th December 2020. I must recall my all time favourite author Marks Twain what he had said in Letter to Olivia Clemens, August 16, 1896 “The calamity that comes is never the one we had prepared ourselves for.” Since the last week of March 2020 I was expecting a short vacation and want to spend mote time with my family and suddenly I got it. I’ve been on vacation till this date. I’ve tried to open my office and keep my business going but alas nothing happen as expected. I’ve lost my savings to keep alive in this pandemic or to sustain the lives. No business, no income only spending on food, rents, bills, taxes, fuels etc. I think I’m done completely but I didn’t let my hopes in dead man’s lap. I’m doing what I’m to here to doing and waiting with deep hope for betterment that some day something will happen and will heal the wounds.

Date written: 14th December 2020