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  [A software training and software solution company]  
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Hello and thank you for visiting adatapost.com.

A Datapost Computer Centre

was founded in by Mr. KV Prajapati. At adatapost we have two divisions.
  • Software Training - We offer traning onsite or at our premises.
  • Software Development - We provide custom software solution.
Hi! my name is KV Prajapati but people call me Kanu and I am the owner and CEO of and .
I am an entrepreneur at heart. My field of expertise for the past 20 years has been technology, specifically software development, learning and teaching; in various industries including insurance, education, service oriented-businesses, health and wellness, supply chain management, mobile devices, and database management.

A DATAPOST COMPUTER CENTRE . Today we offer industry expertise in all areas of Computer Education, Consultancy, and Systems Integration.

Our company has a substantial client base, which is serviced through our office in Mehsana (North Gujarat - INDIA). At "A Datapost Computer Centre" we are committed to providing you with a "single source solution" for your computer education, and software solutions needs.

Our company ethos is built around two key drivers..

  • Cost
    Our offerings are developed around our customers to provide solutions that offer real value for money and maximize their return on their investment.
  • Quality
    We offer a set of services & products that are second to none and we are committed to staying ahead of technology trends through partnering with major manufacturers and ongoing training.

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